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Solutions for a changing climate

Transform your business with technology tailored for you. Farmsio’s climate tech ecosystem connects everyone from farmers to financiers with easy-to-use digital tools and flexible, climate smart solutions – all on one modern platform.

Farm Management Solution

Improve the efficiency, productivity and profitability of your farmlands by digitising all aspects of farm management from pre- to post-cultivation. Integrate data, get specialist advice and learn more about your land.

Farm Traceability Solution

Build trust with your end consumer by providing supply chain traceability from farm to retail. Unique tracking codes ensure quality control, fair farming practices and reduces waste.

Farm Monitoring and Evaluation Solution

Track crop health and farming practices remotely, using GPS mapping and data storage tools. Customise surveys to analyse and advise on crop and soil health, harvest cycles and climate smart solutions.

Crop Monitoring Solution

Get timely insights on crop growth and soil health through weather forecasting and satellite image data, enabling you to take action to adapt to changing conditions and climate risk. Reduce losses with tailored information and advice.

Scoring Solutions

Access and assess financial support with pre-loan, climate vulnerability and sustainability scoring. Understand credit worthiness and ensure the best financial terms.

Carbon Analysis

Improve and understand soil health and crop performance to enable access to new voluntary carbon markets and revenue streams.

Agri Advisory

Get customised alerts and reports for information from satellite and weather sources or regional pest and disease predictions. Ask agriculture and climate specialists for tailored advice on farm management and climate mitigation.

Land Use and Land Cover

Easily share digitised information on farm geography and geotagged maps on land use. Gain access to further services and enrich scorecard data.

Post-Harvest (Supply Chain) Farm

Get complete visibility of the supply chain from farm to retail with real-time GPS product monitoring. Ensure ethical, sustainable agriculture practices are observed for reassurance.

Crop Acreage & Yield Estimation

Estimate and improve crop yield and acreage using predictive data for timely interventions and management. Get advanced notice of expected harvest dates, crop loss and yield.

Survey & Inspection

Gather customised information and data using flexible, digital survey tools. Enrich reports with remote monitoring and evaluation tools for consistent and detailed analysis.


Connect sellers and buyers on a single platform. Sell input including seeds, fertilisers, pesticides and equipment or buy output – to improve procurement and market linkage.

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Make smarter decisions in a changing climate