Pre-Harvest & Post-Harvest Solutions

Crop advisory services, connecting with agricultural experts and using machine learning tools. Weather forecasting and weather peril alerts. Soil testing and soil nutrient values using satellite, cloud & hardware-based solutions, Integrating both pre & post-harvest data for Cost Optimization, Transparency & better decisions.


Soil Carbon Profile and Nutrient Management

Using advanced algorithm and technologies in remote sensing and on field hardware Farmsio™ provides crop specific soil nutrient identification, analysis report recommendation directly to farmers and business. Based on the geolocation of the farm, soil humus, soil content and other factors are determined to understand the current soil scenario.

Crop Risk Mitigation

Using remote sensing-based solution, crop health status, risks to the crop due to pest and disease, and crop stress is determined. Suitable on-time recommendation is provided, which helps farmers in risk mitigation and thereby directly helps in livelihood enhancement. Decision making help to Financial and insurance industry to determine the farm risk status.


Traceability Solutions

Farm to Home Traceability solution to ensure Food Safety and earning Consumer's Trust, Promote Farmers livelihood and Sustainable Agriculture Practices. Farmsio™ has both Internal & External traceability.

Market Linkage and Market Connect

Farmsio™ solution provides a platform to connect to potential buyers. Through a single platform, the farmer can upload their harvest and quality parameters details and link their produce on marketplace as well as for price and buyers discovery through the solution.


Remote Sensing Based Solutions

Remote Sensing and Weather based advisory services, Pest and Disease preventive and diagnostic solutions, Crop specific information, Crop Growth monitoring, Soil health status. Climate Smart solution, Supply Chain Monitoring, Monitoring Harvest Cycles.


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