Food Industries & Traders

Address sustainable sourcing with full traceability, and effectively manage multi-crop, multi-region procurement



Farmsio improves supply chain flows for food companies with visibility of farm and crop performance, and region-specific crop mapping. Control and optimise costs. Streamline supply chains with inventory monitoring and warehouse linkages.

How the Farmsio solution works

Provides region-specific information on crop harvest times in advance to manage your sourcing needs. In-built bag-level traceability. Cost optimisation – supported by remote sensing technology.

Value Chain Digitisation

  • Farmer/farm digitisation
  • Georeferencing and farm polygon mapping
  • Monitor crop production and performance
  • Forecast weather patterns
  • Satellite-based climate-centric decision tools
  • Manage harvest data
  • Assess crop damage
  • Output predictions

Farm Traceability Solution

  • Internal and external traceability solutions
  • Improve brand personality
  • Farm to fork traceability solutions
  • Manage certification and quality standard
  • Digitised procurement process
  • Bag level traceability
  • Multi-crop across geography deployment

Supply Chain Solutions

  • Direct procurement from farmers
  • Manage warehouses
  • Supplier and inventory management
  • Accounting and billing system
  • Manage grading/sorting

Climate and Sustainable Monitoring Solutions

  • Climate-tech platform
  • Access improved finance terms
  • Get sustainability scoring
  • Measure impact parameters

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