Connecting agricultural commerce and communities for a prosperous and sustainable future


Founded in 2020, Farmsio was created to combine our passion for the planet with our expertise in technology. Put simply, we developed a climate tech platform and built digital tools with the express purpose of accelerating sustainable development across the agriculture value chain

Our mission | Our vision

At Farmsio, we want to use technology for good. Our mission is to provide our customers with the research-driven climate information and tools they need to enable smart decision-making. Our backgrounds are in traditional smallholder farming and our experience is in the technology sector – combined they give us our vision – the transformation of agriculture and related sectors for a prosperous and sustainable future.

Our purpose is the regeneration of natural capital for economic and social benefits – enabling the best inputs and outputs in food production and in non-food crops such as cotton for positive climate actions. Our name incorporates the concept of input/output in agriculture and in technology tool – a combination which is essential for our mission.

By enabling the sectors we work with, we believe they can not only build resilience but mitigate climate risks too. And they can thrive commercially while becoming significant contributors to a net positive carbon future for all. Will you join us?

Meet the team

Farmsio’s committed team of IT and agriculture professionals include business analysts and management with experience in diverse industry sectors. We also have the support of a panel of industry market leaders who help guide us towards achieving our vision and creating the best tools possible.

Board & Advisory


Krishna Srinivasan

CEO & Co-Founder


Venkatesh Sivaraman

CSO & Co-Founder


Gowri Vijayaraghavan



Leena Ceccolini

Director, Sustainability & Circular Economy


Kalyani Inampudi

Director, ESG & Climate


Dr Vijayendra Nalla

Director, Food & Agriculture, Digital Learning

Leadership & Execution


Surajit Sinha

Director - AgriTech


Beta Mahatvaraj

Director - Technology


Subha S

Chief of Staff

Tech Team


Vivekanandan Venkatachalam

Vice President - IT


Ram Suraj R

Vice President - Product


Afzal Khan

AVP - Business Development


Suresh Kumar Hiyal

Business Project Manager


Thava Palani Ganesan

Technical Lead - Framework


Rajesh Rajasekaran

Technical Lead - Mobility


Shiva Shanmugam M

Technical Lead - Data Sciences


Deepa S

Technical Lead - Testing


Dinesh Babu

Lead – PMO


Sangeeta Kaul

Manager - Presales

Our responsibility

At Farmsio we take our responsibility seriously and are committed to ensuring best governance, social and sustainable practices with all our stakeholders. Through our platform we offer a framework for

  • Sustainable development and climate action
  • Collaboration across the value chain
  • Transparency and visibility

As a company we support the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We have identified those that align with our own operations or those facilitated through our platform. The next step for us is to integrate the identified global goals into our business strategy.

We are passionate about our business and our planet.